BBS, I have a confession to make: I actually don't like talking about politics.

Yes, I care about the stuff we have data on (not conspiracy theories, but established and well-documented facts), and I have positions on a bunch of issues. But I really don't enjoy talking about them that much, and I really, REALLY don't give a shit what other people think about them, unless we're having a respectful and constructive discussion where we're both exchanging facts and ideas. I don't enjoy fighting about it and I'm really not interested in mudslinging or name-calling (though title-brandishing I'm fine with; if you want to call me a liberal, for example, then that's fine, but I generally expect some kind of rationale behind why my position is necessarily bad or wrong, not just that it's liberal or conservative), so whenever that starts, I tend to either duck out or convert to troll mode.

However, I also can't stand sitting by and listening to people when even I can tell that they have no idea what they're talking about. Half the time, when I get in arguments with people on facebook (or internet forums, this one technically included but only very rarely, as I actually respect most of the posters here in a way that I don't respect others elsewhere), I don't even entirely know what we're talking about, but I can tell instinctively that the other guy is full of shit, and so I say things and ask questions in a precise, incisive manner --- not to change his/her mind or persuade him/her of my position, but to demonstrate to the world what a fucking nimrod they are, and how baseless their righteous self-confidence is. I might even say things that aren't true sometimes, sometimes as an honest mistake but usually just to piss them off (though usually I will admit it to them if it's an honest mistake). And you know what? They never even notice. They accept the falsehood I've declared as if it's fact, and they keep arguing their position. That's how fucking stupid they are; I don't even know what we're talking about, and I may not know a lot about it but I know what's not true, and so my effort to make a point by being sarcastic/dishonest is completely lost.

Does anyone else do this to any extent? Or am I some weird social anomaly that overthinks everything?