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My 1st exposure to The Offspring was «Pretty Fly» track, which was playing everywhere, in every iron, as we say. At that young age i've already found that track stupid and only good for dance parties. Later, while playing Crazy Taxi, i heared «All i want» and that stuff stucked in me. And noone around could have told me, who's playing it. The horror.
For my good sake, some kid in my school gave me a CD with different sorta-punkish tracks on it, and when i heared «All i want» again, that was really all i wanted to hear.

Of course, i didn't get the songs lyrics, 'cause u kow, i'm foreign (and of age, of course), but i've imidiatly became a devoted fan, learned names of band members and their biographies, watched all the videos and listned to all the albums. And, of course, my favourite album was Ixnay on the Hombre. Listening to The Offspring made my belly tickles or something like that, like when your are on Roller Coaster ride. Too bad, i'm not experiencing such feelings with the music now.

It's also very interesting that i wanted to belive that all the tricks in Co1 DVD they made 'emselves .

I didn't like Co1 as much as other albums, though i used as a music track on my graduation video cut. I blame it on Jack#ss, 'cause they were kewl and the kid in the video was kinda jack#ssing, so why not. I started to wear bandana like dude in a video and even on my old passport photo i had it. Don't know, is it Awesome or Facepalm .

Than i moved to my «protest stage», inclined to Pennywise and Bad Religionand. My hate of pop-bands increased in five times at least. I hated pop-bands, except for The offspring, before, but now all the hell broke loose. Ignition became my number 1 album of the band, cause it's grundgy and «LAPD» and «Pyro». I hated Co1 and Prankster and Americana, and, god, did i hated Pretty Fly.

I've ranged bands to «tru punx» and «major sell-out posers», loathed Green Day and e.t.c. Now i think it was so stupid of me. :-).

With The Offspring releasing albums so rarely i lost my interess and gave up on 'em completely around time of «Rise and Fall». It felt very much like a cliche of previous albums and lacked originality, it felt like digital splinter (don't ask me what it means) to me. In my imaginary top of the best bands they ocupied the honorable mention place.

I've listened to 1st three albums, but with time they wore out (heck, they were playing in my player for all 5 years of the univercity). And, of course, i didn't wait for new album, i just stumbled on it accidently one day, was quite surprised. I checked it and «mehed». But than it grew on me. To my horror i started to enjoy Cruising California. I shouldn't be astonished though, 'cause i've started to listen to sum41 and green day stuff previously that year.

I returned to the Co1 and, gawd, i love that album. It's the best one to listen, while skating. And i always thought of it as one of their worst!
I changed my mind on Pretty Fly even. I dunno, it's me becoming more and more open minded or it's just marasmus senilis. Either way, i like it. Maby i've just tired of give a sh#t and want to listen to fun tracks, like i was doing in school, but without any mad devotion or selection.

All that flood of words is written with one aim – to ask you a question «Is there a song/album that you hated, but later you've changed your mind?»