So, Paramore released a new single today called 'Now'. It's the first single that they've done without the Farro brothers and it shows. You could say that Monster, Renegade and In The Mourning were done without them but I'm pretty sure that they were written when the Farro brothers were still in the band.

When I first heard it at 1AM I didn't like it at all, but when I heard later on Radio 1 I liked it a lot more. No, I wasn't half asleep when I first heard it, I was wide awake. It's a lot different to their past music and I'm not sure if I want to hear their new album when it comes out. I'll listen to it but I doubt I'll like it. It's a good song, it's just not as good as their old music, it's a lot more like Pop music than Rock.

What are your thoughts on Now?

I want to get 'IF THERE'S A FUTURE WE WANT IT NOW.' painted on my wall...