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I don't really care about either team playing, honestly. I liked the Niners with Smith, but I can't stand Kaepernick. I also can't stand Ray Lewis, and I have a general dislike for expansion teams/teams that move and change everything about them. So I don't care about who wins this one. However, since American football is extremely unpopular here, and airs at midnight, my friends and I have a super bowl party at a bar. The bar is thrilled to have business on a Sunday night, and we get the place to ourselves. Since bars here don't show American football, we bring a laptop and a projector, watch it on a giant projection screen, while eating and drinking a ton of food in our sort of personal bar. 'Tis awesome. To this I say, go football!
Just curious, why is it that you "can't stand" Kaepernick? I guess I haven't heard too many people with a strong opinion about him one way or the other, but I've def. never heard anyone say they can't stand him. Especially since he's only been a starter for half a season.

Also, I think the Raven's have established themselves with a good fan base, rivalries, and distinct team culture. I'm surprised you still lump them in with expansion teams.