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Thread: How was Days Go By received in the world?

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    Default How was Days Go By received in the world?

    Anyone know? Sold many units? Got many good review? Are you yourself pleased with it? As a lifelong fan I really like it, a lot better than Rise. But i've heard a lot of people don't like cruising and OC guns.

    I read 1 review on a swedish paper. It got 1 out of 5 only because of california was on the album.
    Veeery poor review if you ask me.
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    I'm going to assume a portion of people are going to judge the entire album just on the singles and so will misjudge it. I like every Offspring album, as they all have a different attitude and mood to them. Do I listen to Days Go By all the way through when I do listen to it? No, not usually. Do I pick songs off of it to listen to on a regular basis? Yes, all the time.
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    Excellent stuff. Can't complain. The offspring fan baby babe #13th. Dulce.
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    I don't know much about how well it sold, but I know the local rock station was quite fond of it. Turning Into You still gets a fair amount of radio play. I don't personally know a single person who has listened to the entire album yet though. Most kids these days just buy one or two songs from an album on iTunes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jhonny View Post
    I read 1 review on a swedish paper. It got 1 out of 5 only because of california was on the album.
    Veeery poor review if you ask me.
    I have read a couple of them, and most of them seem to only focus on Cruising California (Bumpin In My Trunk). I think the people that writes the reviews expects something very specific from The Offspring. But because The Offspring are the band that they are, they do not care and they play the music that they want.

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    I don't even know, it's been so long since I've listened to the radio. It certainly seems that it didn't make much of an impact here, but who knows, maybe the numbers say otherwise. I did hear the RAFRAG stuff randomly on radio and stuff, but can't recall even any mention of DGB in Australia at least. But maybe they're on par with each other. Either way, they're not really "relevant" anymore, in terms of pop culture stuff, and that's fine by me.

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    Cool Days Go By in the World

    For me, the album is nice and catchy, but I do not know in Italy as it is considered the album .... I only know that the song is heard Crusing California ....
    In Italy, people listen to more rap or pop, there are very few people who listen to punk bands like the Offspring, or people will feel lonely because he knows the most famous songs ......

    I think the album is good but could do better .... I think that album as Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace and the latest one has been made to create a new SOUND, and it is clear and can be senitre also the clear difference.

    In a nutshell, are the albums to test the new sound ....
    I think the next album already .... might be the right time to get back the success of 10 years ago .... No one knows how and when it will be put to work but hopefully it will be good the next album ... : Cool:

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