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Thread: JJ's directing (at least) the first Star Wars sequel for Disney.

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    Default JJ's directing (at least) the first Star Wars sequel for Disney.

    Any thoughts? A little curious to see the reactions about this.

    I like Abrams a whole lot, going back to Alias, and I'm pretty impressed with his three movies. Super 8 was friggin' great, his Mission Impossible is at least as good as the first one, and for someone like me who's never "got" Trek at all, his reboot was a blast.

    I like Abrams. I like Star Wars.

    The two mixing though, I'm really not so sure about. Not just 'cause he's already helming the Trek series for Paramount (though I can see a board room full of movie executives being pissed about now), but because his style seems a little off. He's really never done anything with that by-today's-standards-"cheesy", fairytale type of vibe, the clear-cut "good v.s. bad" made-for-everyone old-fashioned & innocent.

    A huge part of Star Wars, both the originals and the newer stuff, was always that pulpy 1930s-serial type of thing. Can JJ do that kind of stuff? He might have it in him, but we've never seen it before now.

    Still, the guys writing it are amazing, Michael Arndt who did Toy Story 3, and Kasdan who wrote Empire, Jedi, and Raiders. From George's old outlines and ideas from the 70s. And Kathleen fuckin' Kennedy is producing, no more Rick McCallum from the prequels. So the foundations are there.

    I just can't help but think that, while JJ obviously has the Spielberg connection too, they might have been better off going with one of the other Lucas/Spielberg alumni, a Joe Johnston or a Robert Zemeckis if he's on his a-game again. Brad Bird would have nailed it too. Someone proven with that very-specific 70s-and-80s Lucas & Spielberg vibe. JJ did it with Super 8, but that was far more Spielberg in there, and it still "looked" very slick and modern.

    It'll be interesting to see. Especially since it seems at least Hamill's back, with a possibility of Fisher and Ford.
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