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Thread: Why did Turning Into You get virtually no airplay?

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    Default Why did Turning Into You get virtually no airplay?

    Note: Please show that you have some understanding of what makes a single marketable. This isn't simply a question of how good or bad you personally think Turning Into You is.

    I thought Turning Into You was going to be a hit at least on the alternative rock charts, which would have kept DGB somewhat relevant to at least one sizable group of people (alt. rock fans). But it didn't even do anything there (I think it peaked around #30). That's a disappointment even for the modest expectations that a band in The Offspring's position should have. In the past, the first two Offspring singles were a given to crack the top 10 simply for being the first two Offspring singles. Hammerhead is probably these best evidence of this (it wasn't a very radio friendly song in length or style). I mean, I wouldn't have even guessed there are 30 bands out there today that could chart higher than The Offspring on alt. rock radio.

    Ok, all I did here was attempt to illustrate how much of a flop Turning Into You was. I'd like to give an explanation, but I really have none. Maybe The Offspring are just seen as too old to attempt a modern rock sounding song like Turning Into You?
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