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Thread: I love the "restore auto-saved content button."

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    Thumbs up I love the "restore auto-saved content button."

    I just wanted to say that it's a wonderful surprise whenever that button pops up after clicking "Start New Thread" or "Reply to Thread." I always click it even if I'm sure my auto-saved content has nothing to do with what I'm about to post. Multiple times I've uncovered some forgotten drunken rant that I almost posted, and wisely elected not to in a fleeting moment of sanity. But damn if it isn't great for amusing myself. Here's to that button.
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    I have for some time thought about making a thread complaining about the auto-saving. It seem to fuck up Ctrl z in Firefox. (I have not tried any other browser.) The behaviour is not what I expect, which makes it annoying. First of all, it seem to take longer undo-steps than what I am unused to. Secondly, when I have written posts that are more rows than the text box and press the key combination to undo, the cursor moves to the absolute beginning and not to where it is expected. It would nice if I could disable that option. It seem to be the same issue in both Standard and Basic editors.
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