I'm pretty much excluding people who are currently taking Poli Sci, Public Policy, or Economics classes in school.

But it seems like a lot of people just read "The News;" i.e., they look at everything as it's relevant in a frozen point in time based on which articles pop up onto their computer screens. Like, if there's talk of new immigration reform in congress right now, do you just read the articles you see that are talking about it, and accept that as sufficient? Or do you then read up about our current immigration policy, the history of our immigration policy, how it compares to that of other countries, etc.?

What I'm most interested in is where do you read about the background info? Wiki-surfing? Piecing together facts from op-eds by all of your favorite columnists and bloggers (and perhaps one or two whom you hate, just for perspective)? Reading actual books?

While I realize it's not hard to read up about anything if you really want to, it can be slightly challenging to find the most efficient and organized sources of information. I feel like I've been at a bit of a loss lately for this. And I'm just sick of successively googling and wiki-surfing every individual thing that I think I could understand better.