Hey guys! Long time reader, first time poster here. I've got a quick question for the rest of you longtime fans.

Days go by was a decent album in my opinion. The the first 5 songs (minus dgb) had a new kind of rise against-ish feel to them, in my opinion, but not in a bad way. The middle slumped, and they killed it with the last two. The record company really messed up the singles though, and i think the band wouldve done it differently if it was their choice. more on that later. I think the album could've been better, but it showed me that their new style is good. It also showed me that the offspring can still make good hardcore-esque punk songs.

It also made me realize that their rock star days are probably over. They saw a surge from YGGFK, but it seems like most of their mainstream relevance is gone, especially with their record contract potentially over.

Okay, so now for my question. I remember an interview a while ago, Dexter said he always wanted to be a punk rocker, but somewhere along the way someone told him that he would have to change his style to more generic rock music to be successful, and he believed it. Well, they've been there and done that, to great success. Now, maybe they can throw that notion aside for the next album. I know that the offspring like all kinds of music, but their next album seems like the PERFECT time to record an album that brings back the hardcore energy of their early albums in a new way. They could sign with Epataph (probably), since their contract is over. I know that their music has evolved, I'm not hoping for another smash. I just think that the offspring could produce a legendary punk album right now, more than any time in the last 15 years, and they could do it their own way. They're too old for catchy pop singles like CC, which messed up DGB's whole shot at getting airplay.

What do you guys think? Is it plausible that the offspring could sign to an indy label and release a truely awesome punk album incorporating their new sound?