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    Clearly you people are too lazy to read my entire post and only want to nitpick at a single part to try to make me look stupid. Why you would do that is beyond me and I am beyond giving a shit why you choose to do so. I'm not ignorant on how abortions are performed and how hard on the body they are and you can't speak for all women. And this is a thread about opinions. Last time I checked, you don't have to back up an opinion with 100% hard cold facts for every single thing you say. Not all women would have a hard time with it. What about coked up crack whores? You really think they give a shit? And I never said that it would be easy for every woman. Did you even bother to read my comment about the how difficult the life of child put up for adoption would be? If all you want to do is demonize what I say based on one single sentence and apply that to how I view the entire topic, well, that is on you and you are pathetic to do so. It's not all about the woman who would or would not choose to have an abortion. What about the poor children whose mother did not choose to have an abortion and decided to give birth to them in the worst possible situation and they grew up in the shittiest of conditions, sick and hungry and shoved around from foster home to foster home. Did you even stop to think about them? No, you didn't. You just wanted to say I am absurd for saying that a fraction of women would use abortion as a form of birth control because they are too stupid and irresponsible to know the difference. If I am completely wrong about that, it doesn't mean I am wrong about the rest of my statement. But you choose to disregard that. Who's the absurd one now?
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