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Thread: Do you still buy music?

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    I definitely still buy c-ds. Of the bands i love, and feel i should be supporting. So really, almost all of my music I have bought.

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    No one's clamoring for people to buy music anymore because while piracy is still low, legal access to music is at an all time high with itunes, amazon or subscription services like spotify.

    Fuck I mean you can't avoid those subscriptions anymore. I have one as part of my cable/internet package and I've yet to use it. And its just a perk, of the cheapest package money can buy, if I could opt out I would.

    Oh and I bought the new Pumpkin's album last summer.
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    Over time (now that my financial situation has vastly improved and I can afford stuff) I'm finding that due to both the exorbitant costs of CDs in European stores, and the fact that most of my favorite bands' CDs can't be found in them, I rarely buy CDs anymore. I now seem to only buy them when I go to shows. It's better that way, anyway, because the CDs are a bit cheaper and the artist gets a bit more of the money due to direct sale. I do not have a subscription to any music service, though I sometimes use Grooveshark to check out a new album.
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