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Thank you all for the cards, GIFs, pictures, and drawings. I'm sure this year we'll be one of my best yet. I celebrated this weekend up in the mountains hiking, snowboarding, and (of course) drinking beer (& tequila & wine & fireballs). Had a great time and was glad to find out that I can still snowboard at this age. I didn't even get hurt, or even really fall, so there's that. Anyway, thank you all, it really means a lot to me.

BTW, you all seem to have an idea about how old I am. How is it then that, "I can't call it?" (yes, I'm quoting Kai the hitch-hiking hatchet hero).
You are such a great man, Noodles! You deserve all the happiness you can stand! I'm a huge fan of wine and fireballs! Live it up while you are young! Love you Niz!