just thought it would be intresting for you guys if i put up six
different versions of gone away to discuss.

1) the ixnay album version we all know and love.

2) when adam 'atom' willard played the intro of gone away slightly differently.
its like he fliped it, you'll know what i meen.(live) (sorry cant seem to find it, search its out there somewhere)

3) pete playing the intro as normal, but repeating it at the end as a slowed
down finish. (very cool) (live)

4) dexter playing and singing solo on the piano. (live)

5) dex playing the piano and singing but then at the bridge of the song the rest of
the guys come in. (amazing but have only seen it once and can't seem to find it now) (live)

6) the offspring with emily armstrong. (live)

i think thats all guys, what do you think of each change over the years.