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The East coast also is on the coast, so there is a lot of flooding all over towns that are really close to the water. The town I work in has been talling residents to not shower, flush toilets, or use water at all because there is just too much fucking sewage and other stuff everywhere. Yea the midwest gets a lot of snow, but they don't have constant floods and ocean water flooding the streets freezing, then getting more water when the tide comes back in. The next town over from me had pretty much all of its power out. Oh and yea, Mass got between like 2 and 3 feet of snow. Alot more than 9 inches.
I took this past a train station a couple blocks from my house. This was caused by Hurricane Irene, which hit us almost a year exactly before Sandy. It flooded when we had normal rain after the hurricane had left, too. Neshaminy Creek, which branches into a million tributaries all over my county, flooded in many places. Retard's flood statement holds ground. The normal water level of this part of the creek in 3-4 feet below the road and 5-8 feet below the road in the dry of summer.