Do you believe people have more of a problem with entitlement nowadays, as is often suggested? This is often brought up in the context of political discussion, but I'm interested in the psychology of the entitled mindset, as well as the social causes for it. Do so-called "entitled people" really believe that they are entitled to the things that they want in the sense that they truly believe they deserve these things? Or is it simply a matter of them taking the path of least resistance? Furthermore, what factors lead to individuals and cultures of entitlement? As you've probably heard expressed before, people often point to freeriders and abusers of government programs as the reason for this.

Mainly, I'm leaning toward thinking that saying that a person (or large segment of society) has an entitlement problem is an easy way. It's very shallow from a psychological perspective. I think people just like convenience rather than actually believing that they deserve everything good for doing nothing. Furthermore, the work force sucks for people who are starting from the bottom, so it's hard to build any momentum. People who would otherwise be motivated to build their career path are discouraged.