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We're counting from when the main drummer left, though. So the Offspring has had three drummers (four if you count Freese, which I do) in the last 9 years. That is a very similar problem, though 3 drummers in three years is more drastic. And Against Me! had the same drummer from 2001 to 2009.

I feel like he's just trying to get famous. The Offspring turned out to be pretty washed up and not out to make huge waves anymore... Angels and Airwaves drowned in their own pretension... Against Me! is growing in popularity and making a lot of news due to Laura... so he very well might be looking for a ride to fame. And I agree, it's annoying. Just stick with a band.

I watched that live video... I guess Laura hasn't had voice therapy or taken hormones for that yet, because I was expecting her to not sound exactly the same as she did before :P I also find it kind of refreshing that she's isn't overly feminine. I don't have a problem with femininity, but every single trans person I've ever met or seen went overboard with makeup, dresses, colorful nails, and pink everything... it was like they were 12 again. I think it's awesome to see someone transition in a way that seems to suit *them* and not go with expectations.

Also, I never realized that Willard's first name is actually Adam, and he just goes by Atom... he just got even lamer in my eyes.
If you remember the MTV video in the other Laura Jane Grace thread where she showed her wardrobe, I thought Laura had turned very feminine, as if to overcompensate her femininity.

And I agree with your thoughts on Atom. Why is he in every band there is a spot available?