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    Default I'm sober for over a year now!

    Hello. My name is David and I was on my way to become a serious alcoholic. Yep, I'm damn serious. I haven't posted in a while, maybe because my life has gotten more awesome and I didn't spend that much of my time on the internets as I used to. I guess almost all of you didn't even know I stopped drinking at the beginning of february 2012. Well, now you know!

    Now a short backstory about my drinking problem: I was drinking actively for, I don't know, like 10 years(from 16 to 26). The last years were really getting more and more tragic and I was getting panic attacks when I didn't have booze the next day after a night out. It wasn't so painful at first but as days went by(haha), I was feeling like I was really getting addicted to the stuff, in the last few months before I stopped I even couldn't get on a bus until I had at least one beer, and yes I know how ridiculous that sounds. I got real problems at school, studying for 8 years and no degree(don't get me started on that). And I won't even talk about my poor attempts at relationships and even those were very rare. A lot of my close friends and even my family were talking to me how I am wasting my talent and turning into something really bad. I didn't listen to them that much, sometimes I felt I could never stop drinking. In January 2012, I was drunk every day for the whole month and failed all my exams at school that I had that month(was a bit drunk on them too). When January was ending, I stopped to drink for 2 days because I wanted to finally take my school responsibly. Two days without booze resulted in an epileptic attack, something horrible which I'm glad I don't remember, and the doctors in the hospital told me that my liver isn't in a good shape and that I should never drink again.

    And now the brighter part. I was recovering very quickly, maybe the first month was the hardest but I had something like a girlfriend then(which later turned out to be a nymphomaniac slut and dumped me in april) and I also had a lot of support from my family and friends(even though some didn't believe me). As time passed, I learned to have fun without the booze. I started going to pubs and even concerts while drinking some cola. It was incredible! I felt like I had a lot of more fun when I was sober, I unleashed the "crazy and funny side of me" without drinking anything, that was a great accomplishment and I felt like I was 18 again. I learned to be with people who drink and not to have any problems with it at all. Now I have an absolute habit not to drink. I even went to five festivals in the summer, sober all the time and the music experience was awesome while sober! Moshing while sober, singing while sober, even with my own music projects I never felt so alive. And guess what: My liver is now in a great shape(after some tests)! I even started getting better at school in september, and also met a girl which became my girlfriend in november. It's the greatest relationship I've ever had and finally a real one and a normal one(the previous ones are hard to call relationships imho) which lasts until now and surely it will last very, very long. And it looks like this year I will finally finish my school. Life has never been better for me! I have a great and REAL girlfriend, I'm finally finishing school(a lot of successful exams are behind me), I'm having a lot of more fun while sober. I just wanted to share this happiness with all of you guys, this is maybe my most open post here.

    What do I need to recommend to you? I don't recommend anything, everyone is different while handling alcohol. Some people can drink their whole life and have a great life. The stuff just wasn't for me personally anymore. And I feel great. Greetings guys! That might be all
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