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Thread: Looks like some North American tour dates are being posted!

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    Default Looks like some North American tour dates are being posted!

    Two were added today, so it looks like a North American tour or at least a tour across the states, is underway! I hope there's more to come! I know cool 2 hate 681 and Rody and many others will be pleased to know this. :3

    So far...
    April 13 - WJRR's Earthday Birthday 20at Tinker Field: Orlando, Fl
    April 14 - Fort Rock Festival at JetBlue Park: Fort Myers, Fl
    May 10 - Gulfport Music Festival at Jones Park: Gulfport Mi
    July 19 - Rock Fest: Cadott, Wi
    July 20 - Moondance Jam: Walker, Mn
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