Here are three reasons why The Offspring works for Al-Qaeda:

1. They have a song called Baghdad. Baghdad has been known for terrorist attacks involving Al-Qaeda. Not to mention they had a song before called Tehran which is the same song. Tehran has been suspected of aiding Al-Qaeda in recent memory.

2. Several tracks incorporated elements of eastern music. For example "Pay The Man" and their hit single "Come Out and Play".

3. The song "Kill the President" was mysteriously removed in 2001 and the song isn't even mentioned in their website. Sure you might think it was taken out because of 9/11, but the song was removed on June 2001. That is 3 months before 9/11!!!

Sure, the Offspring is a band filled with white guys, which means they are homegrown terrorists!!!

And that is my conspiracy theory about The Offspring. Not really a conspiracy nut, but I thought it'll be funny to bring this up. Lets hope the CIA doesn't delete this thread. If I am not here tomorrow, its probably because the CIA or The Offspring killed me.

Also, do not take this thread seriously, I was only kidding. I am a fan of The Offspring and its a pleasure to be part of this forum.