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I haven't been rude. You have. In your twisted mind you're unimpeachable, but the reality is, you never miss an opportunity to sting. Inferiority complex? Or just plain savagery? And you were the one who claimed to be reeling from the resignment shock. So, yeah. You fail to impress us now.
Maria. Have you really forgotten the ridiculous bullshit you've subjected me to? Why in god's name would I ever be nice to you?

I also never claimed to be reeling from any shock related to my resignation. I waited literally months for the resignation to finally take effect and it was a big relief to be a civilian here again, not having to deal with the various dramas created by the various crazy people in residence here. So as much as I get that there's a narrative you and Bighead would love to exploit about how I'm so bummed, it's simply not the case. The new admins know my story, Dexter knows my story, and those are the only people to whom I feel like I need to prove anything.