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    Hello dear International BBS,

    This post concerns people living on the other side of the Atlantic, namely people from the USA (I'd say Americans but Gustavo doesn't like that and he is a pretty nice guy so I can do this for him), and Canada.

    We're doing a little trip this september/october that will take us from Toronto to New York, via Montreal.

    We will stay a week in Toronto, a week in NY and 3-4 days in Montreal.

    And I know, living in one of the most touristic cities in the world, that tourists usually do it wrong.

    So please, if some of you guys know these cities, feel free to give your adresses (bars, restaurants...), your cool stuff to do, and what would YOU do if you were a tourist in your own city.

    I will do the same if people plan to visit Paris.

    Actually, let's extend this thread to everybody who wants to talk about the cool things to do where he/she lives. We could call this the BBS Tourist guide.
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    All the Beautiful Things you do

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