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    Poor fellow. They should have told him about the bat.
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    Sometimes I love Jojan <3
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    Jojan is not ignorant. He is the king. You are the enemy.
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    I appreciate Jojan.
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    Jojan you are my favorite!!
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    Jojan fucking owns!
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    jojan's right boob = hawt
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    Jojan, you are awesome
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    Jojan für den Sieg.
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    I like Jojan's signature.
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    Jojan for President!
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    I actually think Jojan is pretty funny in his own right.
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    Jojan's signature is the longest and most beloved. <3
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    Maybe because it came from Jojan, and Jojan rules.
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    Jojan is right
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    Jojans planer låter bra.

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    A fellow went for a job as a coal-miner, and it was in one of these little pits in some village that the Coal Board knew nothing about - they'd forgotten all about it - but it was still there. And he got this job, and he said "I want the pit with lights on" and they said "Oh we don't have lights, we're only a little pit, we're not modernised yet, you just put on your cap and you have a flashlamp". And he said "Oh, all right, that will do, where's my pick?" they said "Oh, we don't have picks, we're not modernised yet, knife and fork". He got his knife and fork, and he says "Where's the lift?" they said "Oh, we don't have a lift, you just slide down a rope."
    So he got his cap, his knife and fork and his torch, and he slid down the rope, and he crawled onto the coal face, and all the other fellows are there working, when suddenly he sees a bat flying about. So he got his fork and he pinned the bat to the wall.
    Then the foreman cried out "Everybody out on strike! He's sabotaged the cooling system."
    Yes that is funny
    “Trust me, mate. Stingrays can't swim backwards.”~ Steve Irwin
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    That sucks. But it's not a surprise, I read an article which says that a lot if studies show that death is really bad for your health...
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    Who is Blowjob Armstrong?
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    Condoms, you and I.
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    A blonde goes into a library. She says "I want a burger, cola and fries. With ketchup, please."

    The employee replies "Lady, you're in a library."

    "Oh, of course." So she starts whispering "I want a burger, cola and fries with ketup, please."
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    So Superman was feeling loney and he wanted to meet a girl so he goes up to Batman and he asked him, Batman where do you go to find girls? Batman said normally I just go see Wonderwoman. Superman said Oh I couldn't do that shes one of my best friends.He says goodbye to Batman and starts flying around and he sees Spiderman. Superman askes Spiderman, where do you meet women? Spiderman said I just see Wonderwomen. He says bye to Spiderman and starts flying around again and starts about maybe trying to hook up with Wonderwoman. Then in a feild he sees her spread eagle and no one is around. Superman said I am faster than a flying bullet, and I can be in and out and she won't even know what hit her. So he swoops in hes in and out. Wonderwomen said what the hell was that? The Invisible Man said I don't know, but ass sure does hurt.

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    How do you stop a dog thats humping your leg? Pick him up and suck his dick.

    What's better than winning the Special Olympics? Not being a retard.

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