So I am doing an extensive research project for school which includes a 6-8 page paper in MLA formatting, an oral presentation, along with a visual presentation(powerpoint, for me). My topic is about the Battle of Gettysburg and why it is significant to the Union's success of the American Civil War and the types of weapons and warfare used to be successful in the battle. I have a bunch of information in books but I don't know where to start. What I was hoping to do was find a list of the individual battles within the Battle of Gettysburg and start there with an outline(mandatory, and due Monday). Now that there is some background info for you guys, do you guys know of any sites that will be helpful. Our teachers, for the most part, only let us use government sites and organizations. Any help is appreciated, I just need to get a source listing those battles. I have tried Gale Group and Smithsonian. I haven't gotten very far. Oh, and did I mention that this paper is what determines if I pass my junior year? I really need some help. Thanks guys.