I thought this would be a fun topic to discuss! As far as I'm aware this topic hasn't been posted yet.

Has anyone here had any Offspring related dreams worth sharing? :-)

I had one last night. I dreamt that I was in a store completely full of Offspring merch. Like, it was an actual Offspring store. Records, t shirts, figurines, coffee mugs, anything you can think of they had in this store. I remember being SO excited and overwhelmed with all of this crap around me that I wanted so badly. I had so much stuff in my hands (I guess carts weren't available? Haha) and I realized I didn't have enough money for all that I wanted, so I ended up stealing a shitload of merch and and feeling SO awful for it because I wanted to support them. Aaaaaand then I woke up and was pretty upset I didn't have any of the stuff I stole, haha.

anyone else have a funny dream about the Offspring?