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I would, uh, accept your perspective on this issue, except when does anyone ever use the phrase in the geographical sense? I have never experienced that. If you give me one example of a time that actually happened to you I'll happily say I understand why it bothers you.
I admit it doesn't happen often, but the literal meaning has been used around me occasionally. A few weeks ago a team mate and I walked home from practice together, and it's a 30 min walk, so we talked about various things. We don't know each other that well and we come from different places in the country. One thing that was brought up was where we want to live when we are finished studying in the city we both live in now. I started with saying: "You might not remember where I come from, but it is a small town called Narvik and I don't want to move back there". And he answered: "Oh, I know where you come from. I haven't forgotten that".

If I had said "I don't like Narvik, it's too small for me" and he had replied "I know where you are coming from, but I find small places calm and peaceful" I would of course have understood that he meant the phrase in a metaphorical sense, but it would still annoy me a bit.