what a great show last night, last time i saw them was in berlin 2008, even with 5 years gone by the band was still so energetic, the crowd was good and the setlist was amazing!!!
they played dividing by zero and slim pickens which were awesome and head around sounded great! hammerhead!!!
the also played oc guns, which tanked, i mean, i sang every single word, i got into it, i like that song, but the crowd doesn't know it or didn't respond, they just kinda stood there in dead silence, however, i enjoyed it.
billy talent opened but it suprised me they did not play there 2 new singles as they have had radio play, i dont think they played anything from there new album... what was that about??? but they were good.
one kid had 30 bucks and a guitar, he needed 100 total to get in, he sang offspring songs, he was halfway there and security made him leave the footpath even though he was trying to buy a ticket, thus pay the band and the venue... he went to the park, later that night i saw him moshin away and lovin it, cool to see him get in!
set list is something like - not in order

come out n play
all i want
gone away
want you bad
head around you
oc guns
pretty fly
spare me the details
d by 0
slim p
self esteem
have you ever
staring at the sun
walla walla
days go by
bad habbit

i think that was the set in full, so guys, if you are read this, thanks for giving me the energy of a 10 year old and bringing a much needed smile to my face! i jumped up n down and sang all night!!! and the radio station is ravin about the show...

also, there is only one thing better than some beer, and that samoa beer - i saw what noodles did there.