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Thread: Greg K in Bass Guitar Magazine, August 2012.

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    Default Greg K in Bass Guitar Magazine, August 2012.

    It's about damn time Greg graced the cover of a magazine all by himself. It's the only one I know of and I'm proud of him for doing this. Yay, Gregory!

    I bought this on eBay, thanks to my friend Suzy showing it to me. It arrived today and I just scanned the pages about Greg.
    After reading the article myself, it seems now there are answers to some of the questions I would have asked in it, specifically, three of them. Glad I'm not the only one who wanted to know about his very first bass, how home life and tour life balance and why he switched back to Fender basses. Anyway, it was nice to hear him talking about his kids, too. If there's one thing that can be said about Greg, it's that he tells things how they are. That's clearly evident throughout this article.

    That's such a, "Fuck you," to Greg, adding that damn advertisement in his article. Fuck you, Lee Sklar! I don't care how badass you are.

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    Sign this petition Suzy made for me to get my interview with Greg K:
    The Offspring UG interview me about said Greg K interview:
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