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    Is this lyric good,bad or great? (Pop)

    I Didn't Cry Last Night
    2013 Irwin Abrigo
    I was the fool you broke all the rules
    By playing games that lovers do
    Never caring about
    my feelings
    Many of nights alone I sat at home
    and I cried I cried
    Asking myself why
    don't you understand
    I gave you my heart
    All that I ask in return
    is your heart too
    But last night I told myself I ain't crying anymore
    When you walked out that door,
    I stood up strong Cause I realized
    some how I've got to survive
    And I didn't cry last night
    If you could see me now
    I'm not crying, I'm not complaining
    I didn't cry last night
    Of all that you've put me through
    I've been hurting not hurting anymore
    I've made it through the storm
    Now there is a calm
    On my face ain't no tears
    Cause I'm not crying and I didn't cry last night
    Knowing it's wrong still you went alone
    breaking each and every vow
    I was thinking about
    our marriage
    I do believe in love but for some how
    in my vain it pains
    Living through the years
    like this isn't fair
    Cause I gave to you my all
    Why can't you give me
    in return your all too
    Last night I told myself I couldn't take it anymore
    Midnight and you're not home
    On my pillow I'd cried many nights before
    A river just like the Nile


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    Not crying seems like a good thing. Posting this thread in "General Offspring Chat" seems like a bad thing.
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    Come on guys, is this lyric good, bad or need more work?

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