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I didn't learn how to preheat an oven until I was probably 11-12. I'm one of the sad people who needs instruction on cooking. Well, I don't necessarily need it, but I feel much more confident with instruction, especially from old people.
I'm not supporting anything Melyssa says (nor am I attacking anything she says), I just thought I'd chip in my two cents, or two bits (I'm holding onto my pennies).
I really don't understand, haha - how can anyone NOT know how to cook? That's like not knowing how to tie your shoes or ride a bike :P

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What surprises me is that you think that everyone who watches that video knows nothing about budget meals and is learning for the first time, heh heh. Half of the video is learning about what that brave woman went through and hearing the stories she tells. Shame you are too above that to appreciate it. That's so disrespectful of you. Then again, that's really no surprise...
Except I didn't say that, but you really like to put words in my mouth - this is nothing new I didn't bash on the woman or the video; I was talking about particular people who watch the video to learn about very basic cooking, as that's the idea bighead posted it under.

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Obviously, I know how to boil lentils and rice. I never thought about doing it at the same time

As someone said, it's not about the cooking lessons, it's about the ideas.
But what ideas? The woman was sweet, and it's crazy that they had to live on ONLY foods like that during the depression, but I don't know what ideas there are to get from there :P