Wow I was shocked to see how the Usual Suspect* derailed this thread and once again made it into another topic about how this relates to The Usual Suspect.

I never made this recipe cause lentils aren't a common part of my diet. The recipe itself wasn't at all interesting or appealling, but that wasn't why I watched the video. The charismatic and charming old lady is why I watched, she clearly has no idea what the internet or youtube is. Which is why my heart-swooned when she said 'thank you for listening'. Aw, the internet is a fancy radio to her.

*I decided to anonymize this person because
A) it should be obvious who I'm talking about anyways.
B) I don't have the patience or attention span for a long series of back-and-forths in the off-chance said person feels defensive
C) Goddamn why does everything you write have to be 100% how it relates to you? I was worried two threads ago when the thought crossed my mind that I was beong unfair, but here I am, two threads later and 100% of your/said person's posts have been unnecessary anecdotes about ugggh...nevermind.

P.s. I am actually NOT talking about llamas, who is clearly superior for having cooked this before and uggggh. Lets talk about the sweet old lady.

P.p.s. Best way to skip the basics? Sauce in a fucking bag, all your base are can go to hell.