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The Brisbane show last night was beyond cool, easily the best Offspring show I've seen since '97. They actually seemed to be having fun unlike the last few bigger gigs.

The Ignition stuff live is nuts, though I was surprised at how few people at the show seemed to be there to see it. Outside of the first 10 rows of the pit, the band seemed to kind of acknowledge that the majority of the crowd wasn't familiar with the stuff, the "background noise" of the room was so much higher when the more recent stuff started after the break. Makes sense, but still.

The pit was nuts, 99% in a good way, though a few rows back with the usual assdonkeys looking to cause trouble, shoving little people around and such. So glad I'm a giant lankey freak and can kinda stay above the fray.

Lots of crowd interaction too, which was cool. Noodles is a funny fuck. "This is my favorite song on the album!" after every song they play. Radness. And high-five to the Noodmeister on the Cramps t-shirt.

A little weird they played the newer/modern version of Dirty Magic with the seemingly adjusted tempo and the added distortion in the main part. Hell, it's DM live, I'm not complaining. Just seemed odd. Still awesome.

The main set was pretty cool too, though obviously a little more regular-show-ish. Still, we got Nitro! The usual standards were a-rockin' too, All I Want and Staring At The Sun and Bad Habit and such. I was crossing my fingers for Cruisin' California, but I'm insane like a fox.

Very, very cool, had a blast. Still kind of can't believe we got to see Ignition live, in fucking Australia of all places. How these shows made it out of Orange County I'll never know.