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Thread: If you found a body, would you take off of work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KickHimWhenHe'sDown View Post
    Is it a body of someone I know? Or just some random dead guy? When you say "body", you do mean a non-living body. right? I don't have a job so I can't take time off of work. I don't know why I'm here.
    I don't have a job either, but since we're talking about a hypothetical body, I guess I can imagine a hypothetical job too... I think I would take off work, just as an excuse though. I mean who wouldn't want to call into work and be all like "yeah, Joe, I'm not coming in today...." and Joe'd be all "Why not ______?" "BECAUSE I JUST FOUND A BODY MOTHER FUCKER!"

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    Yes, of course. Which idiots said they'd rather work?
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    I once took two days off work because I ran out of milk for my cornflakes (I made up a different excuse though, obviously).

    Yeah, I'd take the day off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duskygrin View Post
    Why take the day off? Wouldn't you rush to work to tell all your colleagues of your found?
    Or, you know, take the day off and then tell them the next day. The story won't rot.
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