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The flaw in this logic is that you're assuming that most "liberals" (by this i'm going to assume you mean leftists/progressives) embrace their public policy beliefs out of altruism, where many may in fact do so out of a pragmatic self interest. Ie they believe that the government's welfare state is simply much better at providing services than a private corporation.
I thought about this, but I would say that most liberals are altruistic. When it comes to liberals as I'm thinking them, I might even say it is impossible to be liberal without altruism as a significant motivational factor. I mean, it's not like people go to volunteer at the soup kitchen thinking about how it's in their self-interest to keep school-age kids healthy and well-fed so that they can innovate and create jobs.

Also, it seems like there is much more emphasis placed on the altruistic side of liberalism rather than the practical side. I remember wheelchairman used to always correct people saying how Marx argued that communism would be more efficient rather than more fair or ethical or what have you.