I wish people would just be more realist about the presidents. When Bush was in office, he was "going to start world war 3, the worst president in history, and he secretly planned 9/11 as an inside job!" But now that Obama is president, all the same hyperbolic criticism just slides over to him --- now Obama is "the worst president ever, he's gonna put white people in concentration camps, he's gonna take all the white people's money and give it to black people, he's gonna absolutely destroy the economy, he's going to destroy America." There's a facebook page called "We survived Bush, you'll survive Obama." For better or worse, I feel like that's the most realistic thing that's been said about either presidency in awhile.

I mean, I've lost some of the faith I had in Obama since he's been in the White House, but I didn't like Bush that much to begin with, anyway. And honestly, right after Bush, I was ready for ANYONE who wasn't Bush, so I was willing to overlook a few things in another candidate, just because Bush was so extremely the opposite of most things I believed. Some of that has worn off in the last 4 years, but not all of it --- I still REMEMBER Bush, is the thing, and he DID wreck the economy quite a bit, and so when Republicans criticize Obama for doing things that are basically part of the official Republican platform (like using unconstitutional means to violate civil rights of US citizens -- even Mitt Romney said he approved of Obama's drone program and the use of drones to execute US citizens abroad), and then turn and say that Republicans are preferable to Obama, I find that amusing and hypocritical.

I can understand not being happy with Obama, but wanting another Republican in office is just confounding to me.