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Nothing compares to what Obama has done spending wise. Then take into account the results we have. He specifically spent money in ways he said would help (laughter) the economy. Results? Fucking laughable. The ACA has areas we have not even seen to take effect, but MANY states have sued to get rid of it based upon what is in the law. Businesses are already downsizing to fewer than 50 employees and 30 hours. Go make a good living at that.

Obama was never forced into one thing. NONE. He blew the ACA through in a late night totally partisan vote. Obama finger points to everyone but himself. He campaigns and does not govern. His own party rejected his joke attempt at a budget a few years ago. He was going to be this great new light...one problem, he's a dim bulb.

He has to work with the other party. He won't. He had FULL control from 2008-2010, that's why ACA went through. Now he HAS to work with others, here we sit. Your president can't get anything done because his entire premise is fucked up. We don't have a spending problem. Tell that to your kids when they are paying down this debt that is out of control.
A few things:

1.) Our current deficit and budget issues are the result of two things. a.) Massive defense spending that began under Reagan (Reagan tripled the size of the federal government) and continued unchecked under both Bush presidencies and Clinton. b.) Finance companies buying smaller companies and merging with banks to create barely legal monopolies that then used customer money to gamble on high-risk investments and CDOs while giving subprime loans AAA ratings in order to increase short term profits, thus causing the financial meltdown of 2008. These have nothing to do with Obama, however, I would agree that Obama has failed to increase the kinds of federal regulations needed to fix the second problem. But his failure there is at odds with your seeming belief that liberals are evil and horrible because his policies mirror conservative policies, not liberal.

2.) The businesses downsizing are hurting themselves worse than Obama's tax policies would. Progressive taxes only take hold for a certain percentage of income and only income above the cutoff point. Meaning, if the cutoff point is 10,000, you pay the old tax rate for the first 10,000 and only pay more on any additional. Either way you're still making more money, not less, and any business owner dumb enough to not get such a simple thing deserves to fail.

3.) I don't understand how you can claim Bush was forced into bad policies while also trotting out "Obama had a democratic majority!!!!" Bush had a Republican majority until 2006, and had the post-9/11 glow where the country refused to second guess anything he did, way longer than Obama ever did. You do not get to have it both ways.

Bush was not forced into bad policies for the Iraq war. Bush made a conscious decision to go into Iraq on shaky evidence, evidence that the entire military senior staff were telling him was incorrect. But he let Cheney and Rumsfeld design a war based on false pre-tenses, without planning an occupation strategy, and dismantling the Iraqi army that was supposed to help rebuild and secure Iraq so the US army could withdraw in under a year. He then fired multiple members of the top military leadership for openly disagreeing while keeping Rumsfeld on. Afghanistan could maybe be argued as something he was forced into. But Iraq? Bullshit.