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Oh man, the bbs used to be awesome. I completely forgot about that.
It really fucking did.

Noodlesfan actually made me hesitant to click on links again. I thought I was so cool back then, so jaded. I could look at anything, I didn't give a shit. I could watch videos of people being executed, committing suicide, whatever. Man, I was so badass!

Then, one day, Noodlesfan posted a link to a video of a guy cutting off his own genitalia. Full-on cutting it off. And that was the day I realized there will always be something in the world that can disturb the shit out of me.

I like to think Noodlesfan went on to cut off his own junk too. I feel it's what he would have wanted, but also, far more importantly, it would be best for the whole world if he couldn't reproduce.