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Thread: How do you feel about incest?

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    Default How do you feel about incest?

    Here's a thread for you bighead.

    I've always been against it, of course, it's ingrained in me to be against it. But why should I care? As long as you have two consenting adults, I can't see how it's an issue, outside of possible birth defects. Still, similar birth defects come from having children at an old age, and excluding generational inbreeding, is the risk really that much greater than any other pregnancy? I mean to say, is first generation incest really that dangerous, or significantly more likely to result in some form of defect?

    I never really though about it until tonight, and I can't think of any reason to be against it, outside of 'it's icky'. If that's all I've got, and I'm still against it, doesn't that make me just as bad as people who despise same-sex relationships? I'm totally cool with polygamy, well kind of. I don't think it's inherently wrong, but obviously polygamy has long been practiced in really shitty ways.

    ps. not making a joke about bighead fucking his sister or anything, this just feels like a bighead-ish type discussion, nah mean?
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