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However, I'm not sure I agree that it'd make molestation acceptable... how would it do that? Unless there was a blanket "all incest is fine", which I most certainly do not even remotely advocate.
I never said this. I even specifically explained that wasn't what I was saying.


This isn't an issue of commonplace or acceptance because molestation will never become acceptable and never did I argue that making incest legal will make it so. But it would create tons of weird legal loopholes and situations where burying legitimate claims of molestation and rape is easier than it already is.
Legal loopholes and gray areas do not mean acceptance. They mean that something that is considered unacceptable and morally wrong becomes harder to detect, prove, and prosecute. Anti-incest laws exist to protect victims of molestation and rape. You take away those laws, you take away those protections. This is not the same thing as molestation becoming acceptable, but the same thing as it becoming easier. I am not saying that it makes molestation acceptable. I am not saying that it makes molestation acceptable.

The problem is that "all incest is fine" is really the only incest legalization you can have if you're including immediate family and you can't even possibly argue that you can make exceptions where it's legal sometimes and not other times because the law doesn't work that way. You can't do something like that on a case-by-case basis. It's all or nothing and any person who actually understands how these issues work will gladly take nothing even if it may screw over some responsible couples because of the issues at stake.