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    Default Let's interview Greg K!

    I've decided I'm going to do everything I can to score an interview with Greg K. My fellow hardcore Offspring fan friends in the Offspring Underground, some of whom are members of the BBS, are behind me on this. Even Noodles knows I want to do this and has joked with me about it. He also likes to tease me about Greg.
    I already have many great questions lined up to choose from and am actually fairly well-known for a simple fan, considering a lot of my stuff comes up in Offspring-related Google searches. I stand a chance of accomplishing this, no matter how small that chance is.
    So, show your support and prove that Greg K matters as much as Noodles and Dexter (and Pete.)

    Suzy Tilley made this petition for me while I was at work yesterday and I've designated her the promoter of the cause. Signing it takes just a minute:

    "Like" on facebook here:

    Follow on twitter here:

    Look how serious Greg is about this. Don't disappoint him!
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    Sign this petition Suzy made for me to get my interview with Greg K:
    The Offspring UG interview me about said Greg K interview:
    Our official webpage:

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