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Thread: Let's interview Greg K!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noodles
    I told Greg he should let you interview him, but he never takes my advice. Sorry.
    Yeah, if this is what Noodles really said via Twitter, then it seems like he's trying to give you the easy letdown. The function of the word "sorry" in this sentence is meant to imply "sorry, but this won't be successful".

    Also, if Greg has gone this long being quiet 99% of the time, my guess is that it's even less likely now that he's a middle-aged man.

    Melyssa: What is the basis for your fondness of Greg K? I mean, he doesn't write parts, he rarely talks, and he doesn't even like touring. He seems like a fairly good guy, but it doesn't seem like he even cares to put enough about himself out there for people to have a strong response to one way or the other.
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