I know this is not the first thread about "what cartoons were you watching as a kid ?" and it's not one of them.

Most of the cartoons we had in France, thanks to a woman named Dorothée to whom my generation is forever grateful, were Japanese mangas. We also had some American creations and of course, french.

We probably all watched approximatively the same cartoons.

I know that I would not only love a cartoon for its content, but more for the intro. If the song was good, I'd like the show.

So, the topic of my thread is this : what were your favorite cartoon intro songs ? Can you post them ? I am actually curious to see how some of them sounded in another language.

The idea is to compare the different intros for the same cartoons...

Here are some of mine and the most famous here :

Saint Seyia - Les Chevaliers du Zodiaque :

Les Mystérieuses Cités d'Or - Taiyō no ko Esteban

This one is really really good. It starts mid-vid.