Hello, I am new here! I am the creator of the new Offspring Wikia page called The Offspring Wiki, which I created two weeks ago. On that site, my user name is "Mr. Punk Pirate" as well, and I have been looking for some people, especially Offspring fans, to help me out by creating or expanding articles that relate to The Offspring, including their discography, band members, etc. So far, I have created a page for The Offspring's band page, their discography, related bands, all their albums, and all the lyrics to all the songs up to Smash. I would appreciate it if you help me out that way I don't have to create every single page related to The Offspring. Here's the link to my Wikia: http://the-offspring.wikia.com/wiki/The_Offspring_Wiki If you got any questions, feel free to throw some in!