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Danger Days sucked, Black Parade was okay, I liked their first two albums. You also have that Conventional Weapons. I have only heard a few songs off it, but those were pretty good.
Huh, we have opposite opinions :P Why did you hate Danger Days? I thought it was quite good, though not as good as Black Parade.

But MCR was far from being one of the best bands of the 2000s.
Agreed. On a more objective level (as objective as you can get about something like this), they weren't *that* popular for more than a few years, their fame rose and fell very quickly... and they only released two albums that the mainstream really knew about. Only people out to hear all MCR music have heard the first album, and Danger Days didn't do nearly as well as the previous two.

As far as influence, I think they were as influential as any other fairly mainstream band. I definitely don't see them as being more influential than other bands of that time period with the same amount of success.