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In case anyone is interested...

Dear Friends,
I would like for you to know that as far as the surgery goes, I am now in the clear. I can resume work on Monday, and will be making a full recovery. I hope to get back to my exercise routine as soon as possible, although that may take a while. As for my cardio issues I have gotten a second opinion, and that seems to suggest things are fine. I will follow up with more in-depth examinations soon, but the second opinion was enough to at least put my mind at ease for the time being. Thanks for all your support and good wishes, and positive vibes and prayers! This status was one of the first thing I read post op, and it certainly helped a whole lot! It actully drew a few tears

Thanks everyone!
wish you to be back in your routine 100% healthy really really soon , and somehow to meet up again this summer too you're everyday on my mind since your pass is framed on my wall.I can't forget that and I will always appreciate it!