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    If your friend introduces you to a band that you like, and then you go on to introduce other people to that band, do you feel like you have to credit that friend that initially told you about this band? Also, along this same line of thought, is it douchey to post that band on Facebook acting like you thought of it?
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    It's only douchey if you lie.
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    If you tell your friend about a sweet quote by Tchaikovsky that inspires you, and then that friend posts the same quote on Facebook, should you gain attribution as the arbiter of cultural transmission?

    Because, really, it should be something that matters, right? Whether or not your friend - and by extension, everyone he tells - know about the fascinating history of Tchaikovsky just because you're the one that's really interested in it? You're the important one here, not the liner notes to his 6th symphony that he wrote days before he died. Not the fact that he attempted to bridge traditional Russian and European musical forms and was villified by critics everywhere for it. Not the fact that his 6th symphony was written for his lover, who was also his nephew?

    No, what really matters is that the content - quote, song, film - that you gave someone else, without a hand in its creation or dissemination, is attributed to you in the fullness of your identity as 'the guy to go to' for bands and movies.

    Here's the quote, by the way - it's one of my favorites.

    "A self-respecting artist must not fold his hands on the pretext that he is not in the mood" - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

    Bighead, you can work this sort of bullshit out for yourself. At least, I hope you can. You strike me as particularly obtuse, but the sheer amount of time you spend wondering about the world around you and thinking through things must have brought you some level of critical engagement.

    EDIT - If you seriously can't figure it out - "I like this band and you should too" on Facebook has nothing to do with mentioning the person that introduced you to it. Nor should it. That shit is childish. If you like music and post it on Facebook, do you know what happens? You just enjoyed music and posted it on Facebook. You monster.
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    I would say thank you to my friend, but if I was telling other people about the band I wouldn't mention my friend unless one of them asked"how I find out about this band".

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