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This is what they used to say about homosexuals not too long ago. Or interracial marriage. You were considered to be messed up in your head if you were attracted to the someone of the same sex. I am sure some homosexuals believed there was something wrong in their head and they wanted to be cured.

It's not like pedophiles chose to be pedophiles. I'm not sure it is "psychological problem", though it is a very unfortunate sexuality to have.

I agree though if you were to have sex with a child you should be punished. I don't know if being hated by society is a good enough indicator that someone has done something wrong though. Like I said earlier, you used to be hated by society for being homosexual (and in some places you still are!).
So you think children are capable of giving actual consent? You think they are capable of understanding what is going on? You think that pedophiles don't have a control complex? Being attracted to someone whose brain and body are severely underdeveloped is messed up. It is not comparable to an adult of the same sex, an adult of a different race, or an adult who's married. Do you feel the same way about bestiality as pedophilia?