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Thread: Does your copy of The Offspring (ST) have Kill The President?

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    Default Does your copy of The Offspring (ST) have Kill The President?

    As far as I understand, the song was removed after 9/11 because that was a shitty decade for self-imposed (or otherwise) censorship.

    I also learned that the original cover of the album looks awesome. Apparently Nitro thought blurry silhouettes were cooler than xenomorph's and exploding heads. Now I kinda hate my copy, even though I thankfully bought it before they removed a song from an already short album.

    I guess we can't all win. Looking all this stuff up makes me want to hear RAFRAG a little. Hmmm, I'll check if it's part of my ISP's music package dealio. Later. So were you cool enough to like the offspring before they sold out?*

    *this is meant tongue in cheek because posts like this were extremely common when I first joined this bbs, as was bragging about how long you were a fan, and how you liked their older, indie stuff best. Ah we've all been horrible hipsters. 14 years ago I would've never believed that Americana would be my favorite Offspring album (it totally is now, its a solid album), I consider it one of the best rock albums of the 90s. Its aged pretty well compared to its contemporaries.

    EDIT: Only two options, if your vote doesn't fit in one of these, its because your vote is irrelevant. Feel free to share your story in a reply though if your story is "I don't own ST" your story is also irrelevant, unless you have an interesting reason.
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