I haven't owned a decent set of headphones in nearly four years, because my husband goes through them like McDonald's goes through fry oil. I also don't ever play music out loud, except in the car. My volvo had a shitty stereo, my mustang had none at all, and our Jetta's didn't work (bad wiring). In March, our Jetta was totaled and we decided to bite the bullet and take out a loan to get a half decent car. The stereo sounds AWESOME.Today, Wil was being the DJ on our travels and he put in the original Scary Kids Scaring Kids album and I immediately remembered why it was that I didn't like these guys the first time he played the cd four years ago (before my nice headphones were destroyed).

Its not that the music is bad, because I actually like most of it. Its the sound of the vocal tracks. I kind of imagine that the vocal tracks were edited to mimic the sound of the singer's voice, when he hears it inside his head, with his ears covered up. You all know the sound that I'm talking about. Then, about halfway through the cd, he swaps it for one of their later ones (presumably because he got tired of me complaining about the sound). You could tell it was the same band, only it sounded nothing at all like the same band. The singer still isn't fantastic, but his voice has character and sounds human.

One thing I always liked about The Used is the way the final product sounds like something that could feasibly be reproduced IRL. I'd hate to have been a fan of Scary Kids Scaring Kids, when their first album came out, because if you went to see them live, you'd be so confused about how the dude sounds nothing at all like he does on the album.

As we go through more and more of the discs I haven't heard in years, I'm finding lots of albums where it turns out I don't like them as much as I thought, because with good speakers, they ultimately end up sounding worse.