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I held out with hope for Nitro for a while, but I think their last release that gained any kind of significant response was A Wilhelm Scream in late 2007. And beyond that, there's been either nothing or maybe one or two obscure releases. And I think they randomly signed one band "Stormy California" a year or two ago, but that's the only band they've signed recently. And even that signing appears to have gone nowhere. At this point, just forget Nitro Records.

Nitro's legacy is nothing more than a label that did okay at supporting mostly the skate punk-ish scene that extended out of the 90s. It seemed promising for a time, but looking back, it kind of tanked quickly.
It was a niche label: but there's nothing wrong with that; most of the best labels are. And I'd say in terms of "legacy" AFI comes to mind pretty quickly.

The music industry these days is pretty shitty from a business perspective; these indie labels really have to be just a labor of love/effort. I think Dexter just got interested in other things that excited him more (flying , hot sauce, returning to academics). But some pretty fantastic bands came through Nitro.